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The purpose of the program is to strengthen the district’s instructional program and improve the academic achievement and self-concept of American Indian students in California’s schools. The goal will be achieved through the development and testing of unique education projects designed to increase student competence and encourage participation of American Indian parents, families and the community in the design and implementation of the program.


The AIECE grant program was established to improve and support the cultural and linguistic responsiveness of the educational opportunities of young American Indian (AI) children across the California education system. This grant program provides funding for local educational agencies (LEAs) with a concentration of at least 10 percent AI students in preschool through grade four. Currently the AIECE grant provides funding for only 12 LEAs in California for FY 2023–24. Those activities include: After school curricular tutoring activities, Cultural awareness projects, Culturally appropriate books, supplies, and other educational materials.
Currently, $1,339,000.00 in funding is appropriated each year for the AIECE grant program. Each grantee is awarded, on average, $111,583.00 each year for this grant. For fiscal year 2024–25, $701,000.00 in funding will be apportioned among the 12 current AIECE grantees. This funding is needed for staff resources to support the AIECE grant program and grantees and tribal relations.  
Of the 109 Federally recognized tribes, California only provides funding for three tribes to participate and receive funding for high quality State Preschool programs. Creating adequate funding opportunities will create more access to high quality State Preschool programs for tribal children and families. This is a critical step towards closing the opportunity and achievement gap and supporting school success of all children.  

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible Applicants:

  • Public Agency

Local educational agencies that serve a minimum of 10 percent American Indian students at a school site.

Important Dates

The date (and time, where applicable) by which all applications must be submitted to the grantmaker. Time listed as “00:00” equates to midnight.


The date on which the grantor expects to announce the recipient(s) of the grant.

July 2024

The length of time during which the grant money must be utilized.

July 2024–June 2025

Funding Details

The total projected dollar amount of the grant.


A single grant opportunity may represent one or many awards. Some grantors may know in advance the exact number of awards to be given. Others may indicate a range. Some may wish to and wait until the application period closes before determining how many awards to offer; in this case, a value of “Dependent” will display.


Grant opportunities representing multiple awards may offer awards in the same amount or in varied amounts. Some may wish to wait until the application period closes before determining per-award amounts; in this case, a value of “Dependent” will display.


Certain grants require that the recipient(s) provide a letter of intent.


Certain grants require that the recipient(s) be able to fully or partially match the grant award amount with another funding source.


The funding source allocated to fund the grant. It may be either State or Federal (or a combination of both), and be tied to a specific piece of legislation, a proposition, or a bond number.

The manner in which the grant funding will be delivered to the awardee. Funding methods include reimbursements (where the recipient spends out-of-pocket and is reimbursed by the grantor) and advances (where the recipient spends received grant funds directly).

  • Advances & Reimbursement(s)

Funding Method Notes:

Grantees are paid 90% of their award up front, and the remainder of the spent award funds are reimbursed at the end of the grant period.

How to Apply

State agencies/departments recommend you read the full grant guidelines before applying.


For questions about this grant, contact:
Program Quality Implementation Office, 1-916-322-6233, [email protected]

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