Amplifying children’s voices in South Sudan through the UNICEF Young Reporter Programme. – UNICEF

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The program prioritizes capacity building, providing training in areas such as public speaking, communication, writing, and advocacy. For example, Priscilla Adior, a proactive young reporter, noted the impact of the programme’s training: “The training received in this program have significantly shaped my personality and communication skills.”

The young reporters have discovered their calling and purpose through the program. For instance, Ludia Gabriel, a child’s rights advocate, shared her inspiration: “Being part of this program has provided me with valuable training, particularly the radio training at Eye Radio and Advance Youth Radio, which has inspired me to pursue journalism to advocate for change at a larger platform.”

The program has uplifted and provided opportunities for young talents like Steven Giir, who is passionate about influencing on TikTok, a larger platform to showcase his talent since he can dance and entertain his fellow advocates during their weekly meetings.

Not only that, it has given these young advocates exposure and international engagement, providing opportunities to represent their country and participate in global programs and international campaigns.

Agot Alier Garang, another young reporter, reflected on the international opportunities afforded to the participants: 

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