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With this alarming education crisis, the Young Reporters Education Group advocates for a peaceful and conducive environment that allows learning without disruption and child marriage, with proper payment for teachers, investment in education infrastructure by the government, and good nutrition for schools by and in vulnerable communities.

“Without food, there is no education,” concluded Ezbon James, a UNICEF young reporter from Juba Diocese Model Secondary School.


Child Rights/Protection 

Children in South Sudan have suffered from serious breaches of their rights since 2013. Suffering brought on by violence, enlistment in the armed forces and by armed groups, hunger, family separation, and attacks on schools and hospitals, restricts access to healthcare, education, and nutrition for both boys and girls, according to numerous reports.  

Child protection is a critical issue in South Sudan. Through research and discussion, the Child Rights-Protection Group led by Sittannah Ahmed, Achol John, Yomima Amin, and Lusia Gibriel, found that children are often exposed to various forms of abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

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