Fadimata: A nutrition champion is born. – UNICEF

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At the Early Childhood Development Center “Les Poupons”, located in the Ségou region, Aissata is an instructor in charge of middle section A. Each morning, along with five other instructors, she warmly welcomes 289 children between the ages of 3 and 5. Nearly half of these children are girls, who will grow up to become mothers in the future.  

Once the children have settled in, Aissata proceeds to middle section A, where the eager children await her arrival. Today’s lesson revolves around educating the children about the nutritional value of various vegetables and fruits they consume daily. Aissata employs a range of educational tools, including visual aids, drawings, enjoyable games, songs, stories, and anecdotes, to effectively convey the message to the children.  

The children are clearly taking these lessons to heart. “Fruits and vegetables are crucial for children,” 4-year-old Fadimata proudly explains. “They help us grow properly, provide us with essential vitamins, and keep us healthy. Ever since my teacher informed me that carrots are beneficial for my eyesight, I now eat them frequently, even though I didn’t like them before. However, it is important to thoroughly wash all vegetables and fruits before consuming them to prevent stomach discomfort.” 

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