Humanitarian Crises to Know About Right Now – Save the Children

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Children’s lives, safety, well-being and futures are under attack in an increasingly dangerous and unequal world. In 2023 millions of children suffered the consequences of conflict, extreme climate events, deadly disease outbreaks, global economic shocks and mass displacement, which threaten their safety, wellbeing and futures.

In 2024 these threats are only set to intensify. Nearly 300 million people – or 1 in 27 people – will require humanitarian assistance this year. Conflict and climate disasters have also forced more people from their homes than at any other time since the beginning of the century. Multiple displacement, where the same child is forced to leave their home again and again, is sadly the norm for many children in places such as Gaza, Syria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The challenges that 2024 bring are daunting, but with collective action – collaborating with children, communities, partners, governments, international institutions and our supporters – we can accelerate and amplify impact for children facing today’s greatest threats. Together we can help children fight for their childhoods. 

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