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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – This week we’re paying it forward to Lifehouse Child Advocacy Center in Topeka. Lifehouse helps child victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse, and child witnesses to other violent crimes. In Shawnee and surrounding counties, they bring together the professionals from law enforcement, child protection services, mental health, medical prosecution, and victim advocacy to investigate allegations of child abuse. Their approach is best practice and trauma informed. The team’s ultimate goal is to reduce the child’s trauma by preventing multiple interviews.

Lifehouse is a nationally accredited child advocacy center that has been serving child victims of crime since 1999. The child is the primary concern of Lifehouse, providing a safe place for child victims to talk about their abuse and help their families find healing and justice. Injury lawyers Devaughn James presented the organization with a $500 check in support of their mission.

“Thank you so much for what you’re doing for our community and we’re excited to pay it forward by contributing $500,” the attorneys said in presenting the organization a check. “Thank you so much,” Director Kelly Durkin replied. “We appreciate it. And these, this, these funds will go right back into the programs that serve children, um, of abuse in our community. We have created a program called Brave Talk, and we are going into elementary schools and talking about body safety and, so it’s a new program and so this $500 is really gonna help us get that going.”

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