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A social media account features smiley toddlers, while also offering positive lessons about child development.

Is it possible that on X — the social media site formerly known as Twitter and sometimes called “the hell site” — there remains a font of delight and edification, a place to witness laughter and even love?

The answer, believe it or not, is yes. It is the account of Dan Wuori, an education policy consultant, who posts videos of babies and toddlers figuring out the world, often with parents as loving coaches. Mr. Wuori provides the color commentary, explaining key concepts in child development.

His feed is educational, but also, simply put — “awwwww.”

In one clip, a father is celebrated for taking an extra 30 seconds to narrate an everyday routine, showing his infant daughter several possible outfits. “Listen to the way he describes each,” Mr. Wuori points out. “To all the extra vocabulary he exposes her to. And to the warm and happy tone he uses as she looks on adoringly.”

Instagram video via nikkiverabrown.

Even as many users have walked away from X, Mr. Wuori’s account has grown over the past year, from 20,000 to 145,000 followers.

“To say that it snowballed once I started really focusing on the videos is a bit of an understatement,” he said in an interview, from his home in South Carolina.

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