Red Nose Day 2024 fights child poverty with the ‘whimsy’ of a candy castle, monster truck and Legos – WBBJ-TV

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(AP)—Red Nose Day has raised $370 million since 2015 to fund anti-poverty efforts. This year, Comic Relief US wants to draw donations for its campaign by encouraging childlike wonder.

It’s a sensation that the charity says millions of needy children miss out on each year. That’s why the 2024 fundraising campaign includes a sweepstakes for six fanciful experiences.

Red Nose Day USA

The prizes include a life-sized cookie of oneself and a trip to befriend a penguin.

Comic Relief US CEO Alison Moore says it’s an effort “to evoke the childhood dream of whimsy.”

As in recent years, the charity is also opting for digital red noses over the iconic physical one – this time through new filters.

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